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If your kids get too upset over little things, don't worry... The Best Worst Day Ever will have them turning the negatives into positives everywhere they go. Finally... A "Teacher Approved" story about: A normally happy little girl who is having a day full of ups and downs. As each "awful" event leads to something amazing, she wonders if today has been the worst day ever, or the best day ever. 96.5% of readers were delighted by this story. We have combined FUN + Prediction Practice + a Great Message! Teach your kids to be grateful and say: "I can't believe that really happened to me. But... I'm glad it happened because it led me to something amazing!" Can you find the hidden smiles on each page?:) Children and parents will love this book because they can relate to each situation. Readers Favorite says: "B.C. Stephan spreads the message of positive thinking and how it can bring us unforeseen gifts...that will warm your heart and leave you with a smile." -Deka Grab your copy now!
Genre: Children's
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