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The Black Walrus and Kevin by Joseph Caldara

He is the Labrador that scoots its behind across the carpet of villainy. It is he who burps the Tupperware® of evil. He is Alex Portobello, a.k.a. The Black Walrus, and he’s back for another adventure! Utilizing his radioactive super brain, this ingenious eighth-grader has constructed an arsenal of gadgets, recruited an army of martial arts walruses, and established himself as the Black Walrus, spandex-clad defender of Cremini City. But the Black Walrus alone isn’t enough to slice all the crusts of villainy from the city’s pastrami on rye. Not only is crime still rampant, the mysterious Questionable Science, Incorporated, is experimenting with dairy power technology. Someone is creating milk-fueled jetpacks and gouda-powered laser blasters. Alex knows it won’t be long before some sinister force unleashes the cheesy arsenal upon the city’s unsuspecting citizens. To combat this new threat, Alex must face his greatest challenge yet: training his hyperactive little cousin, Kevin, to be his sidekick. With an incorruptible sense of justice and lots of lots of sugar coursing through his veins, Kevin has the makings of a great hero. But can Alex mold Kevin into a top-notch crime-fighter before it’s too late? Or will Cremini City collapse before the calcium-rich menace? Let’s hope the Black Walrus and Kevin can cut the cheese!
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