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The Kids’ Book of Friends by Catherine Stephenson

Help Your Child Learn How to Make Friends and Be a Friend 🌟 Build Essential Social Skills This gentle book is designed to help kids develop crucial social skills like empathy, kindness, sharing, listening, and inclusion. It offers practical guidance on making friends and being a good friend, with a special focus on fostering positive self-esteem. 🌟 Engaging Illustrations Bright watercolor illustrations depict various friendship scenarios, making it easier for children to understand and relate to different aspects of friendship. The visuals also emphasize the importance of being kind to oneself. 🌟 Connect Through Books A valuable tool for discussing feelings and social interactions, this book is perfect for reading together. It helps parents and educators connect with children, encouraging conversations about emotions, relationships, and daily experiences. 🌟 Enhanced with Practical Examples Thanks to feedback from our readers, we've included even more practical examples of how kids can manage their relationships with friends. These real-life scenarios make it easier for children to apply what they've learned. 🌟 Interactive Friendship Activities The book now features 9 engaging friendship activity pages to help children think more deeply about friendship. These activities provide fun and meaningful ways to explore the concepts discussed in the book. Ideal for children aged 3 to 8, this book is a wonderful resource for nurturing social skills and building strong, positive friendships.
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