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The Little Bear meets the voice in the cave by Hendrik Maarten & Artist Estella

Dive into ‘Bear Rhymes,’ where the Little bear meets the voice in the cave. A brave adventure tale, with a side order of juicy green leaves! Join our little koala on his search for home and share in the lively illustrations and playful words. "Day dimmed into night. The little bear picked one more leaf and took one last bite. He drifted off to sleep dreaming of trees and juicy green leaves, unaware that this night he would wake with a fright." From a big bird nest-quest to whispers in caves, our little koala’s tale overflows with leaf-munching, courage, and adventure. Perfect for kids 4-8 and those young at heart. A bedtime or anytime story. Recent Review “Koalas are adorable, and the ones pictured here are no exception.”
Genre: Children's