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"How can I get this little mouse out of my house?" This is the fun, rhyming kids' book about the little mouse who would not leave the cat's house. What can the cat do to get the little mouse out of his house? Can he scare him with his jaws or pointy claws? Can he entice him with a scone to get off the telephone? No need to have anywhere else to look, as this is sure to be your child's favorite bedtime reading book! Read the story out loud and its sure to make any child proud. This book is sure to be a classic, like those creatures that used to roam around during the Jurassic. So buy this book if you love to rhyme as there is nothing better out there to pass the time! Rhyming is a great way to build reading and literacy skills for your young child. When children hear and say rhymes, they are beginning to hear sounds within words and identify when those sounds are the same which helps build phonological awareness. By doing this children can develop their oral skills as they say rhymes. The Mouse in My House is a fantastic rhyming book that helps children begin to build their language skills by letting them predict the word will end the sentence.
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