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The Little Olympians by Gideon Ashwood

Welcome to Mount Olympus Academy, where the divine legacy of Greek gods springs to life! "The Little Olympians" is not just a book; it's an initiation into a world where magic and myth breathe. Meet Zoe Thunderborn, the electrifying daughter of Zeus. Despite her godly lineage, controlling her burgeoning powers is no small feat. Alongside Zoe are her friends, each a scion of legendary deities and endowed with their own unique abilities: Heli, the cheeky son of Apollo with a penchant for solar flares, Terra, Gaia’s own progeny, whose whispers can cause the earth to sing, Phoebe, the enchantress with a lyre, channeling Apollo’s musical genius. Their journey at the academy takes a thrilling turn during their first field trip to the enchanted centaur village. What should have been a simple excursion spirals into chaos as Zoe’s unbridled emotions summon a tempest, wreaking havoc and testing their nascent skills. Under the guidance of wise Headmistress Vesta Emberheart, the Little Olympians learn that true heroism involves more than flashy displays of power. It's about courage, compassion, and camaraderie. As they repair the damage and bridge cultural gaps with their centaur hosts, a darker threat looms. An ancient evil stirs, challenging the fledgling demigods to rise above their fears and embrace their destinies. Join Zoe and her friends as they navigate the perils of adolescence and demigod duties, forging friendships and discovering that real strength lies in unity. Dive into this epic series brimming with action, friendship, and the timeless appeal of Greek mythology. Each page promises adventure, with life lessons woven through fantastical tales, perfect for young readers yearning for a taste of heroism and magic. Don’t wait! Embark on this legendary adventure and discover if Zoe and her cohort can thwart the impending darkness that threatens their world.
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