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The Tails of Zoey and Lenny by Melissa J. Renner

How will Zoey embrace the changes when her new baby brother arrives? The Tails of Zoey and Lenny takes readers on a journey as Zoey learns to love and accept her new baby brother despite him being so different from her. This book strives to teach young readers about the beauty in differences, open mindedness, and acceptance. The story can not only be a learning opportunity for teaching inclusion and diversity, but can be a great learning opportunity for families introducing a new sibling into the fold. It also is applicable for families fostering or adopting a new child. Taking into consideration that Zoey and Lenny come from vastly different backgrounds it can relate to children coming together from different socioeconomic statuses. In this book, you will learn: Acceptance, diversity, and love. How to practice inclusion and being open minded. How to accept a newly adopted sibling. Even though someone can be very aesthetically different, we all share the common thread of love. This heartwarming story is highly-recommended for children and parents alike which also provides the opportunity to bond over important values about acceptance, inclusivity, and diversity. Don’t miss out the opportunity and get a copy now!
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