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Trivia Book of Wow: by Robin Why

How can a jellyfish be immortal? What does it mean to be a superhuman runner? Where were the world’s most valuable treasures found? How did a message in a bottle save the lives of 80 people? The answers will have you saying … ‘What on Earth?!’ ‘How curious!’ ‘This world is AWEsome!’ Get ready for a mysterious, and mind-bending journey through the universe of knowledge with the Trivia Book of Wow, the ULTIMATE fact book. 1,369 Fascinating Factoids Whether you're a lifelong trivia-lover or a budding young factologist, this book is the perfect companion for inquisitive souls. Both educating and entertaining, each page is bursting with hilarious and outlandish tidbits of information to ignite your curiosity. The Random and the Riveting Looking for a jaw-dropping extravaganza of facts spanning different eras and topics? From astonishing animals to gobsmacking galaxies, and curious cultures to everyday intrigues, this book is jam-packed with a parade of properly peculiar trivia. You'll find countless pearls of wisdom, ready to stun the next person who walks in the room! Tons of Terrific Topics You can read from cover to cover or simply dip in for 2 minutes to find your fantastic fact of the day. However you choose to read, you will enjoy discovering the 76 diverse and well-organised chapters of mind-blowing facts every time you open this treasure trove. It’s time to grab your adventure hats and jump on board for a mind-expanding, heart-racing, curiosity-igniting voyage. Let this book be your guide to the oodles of oddities that make our world so incredible! The ultimate gift for kids who are ready to be WOWed. Join my Reader Group to receive a FREE book, notifications of new releases and limited-time offers at
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