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Uh-Oh! My Dragon’s Hungry by Katie Weaver

Dragon's lunch is up to one very brave little girl! But fear not! She knows exactly what he'd like to eat! ...Or does she? "We call it a 'phenomenon' that really was quite dire. My Dragon was so hungry that he started spitting fire! I tried to dodge the flames as Dragon lost complete control but then my pants caught fire, and I had to drop and roll. So, now I must be careful and make sure he's always fed. (Or else I might end up with toasted underwear instead!)" Will Dragon enjoy all of her favorite junk foods? Or will he prefer something...unexpected? In this hilarious and beautifully illustrated picture book, readers are taken along on a fun adventure that even the pickiest of eaters will enjoy! Written in rhyming verse and fun to read aloud, this story will quickly become a family favorite! - "A visual feast and rhyming text provide read-aloud fun and encouragement for picky eaters." - Kirkus Reviews "Author Katie Weaver has combined imaginative and hilarious scenes to keep young readers engaged while also teaching the importance of eating healthy foods. ...The vibrant colors and funny images are perfect for capturing children's attention." - Reader's Favorite
Genre: Children's
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