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Unicorns, School, and Me by Emma Meyer

Let Your Child Saddle Up for A School Year With The Best Classmates Ever: Unicorns! Step into the captivating world of Fleur, a young girl whose ordinary school life turns extraordinary with the arrival of new classmates who are secretly unicorns living as humans. In this engaging and easy-to-read chapter book, Fleur and her new friends navigate the everyday challenges of school with a sprinkle of unicorn magic, turning every day into a valuable life lesson. Why This Book Matters for Your Girl: Empowering Narrative: Watch Fleur grow from a timid student to a confident and inclusive friend, inspiring your child to face new experiences with courage and curiosity. Captivating Adventures: Enchanting storytelling transports your child to a world where the ordinary becomes a little magical, ensuring the pages turn themselves. Perfect for girls new to reading and those eager for their next adventures. Lessons Beyond the Classroom: Each chapter introduces a new challenge, such as dealing with negative thinking, pressure, and low self-worth, and shows how to stay true to yourself. This will give your girl the mindset she needs to tackle her own adventures in life. Relatable Struggles: The story addresses real emotions and situations that kids face, so readers connect deeply with Fleur’s experiences. Special Bonus: Take action today and receive a downloadable audiobook version with your purchase! The perfect solution if your girl prefers listening to books or needs assistance with reading. What Children’s Book Reviewers Have to Say: “Told in simple language so early readers can easily follow along... readers will learn tactics to help them fit in, while at the same time stand out with their own unique powers. A great and fun read that will both entertain and inspire young readers.” — Readers’ Favorite “It is a magnificent book that shows kids that differences can be their superpower. The lessons Fleur learns will inspire others to look within themselves and find their own worth.” — Kaylee Haynes, Elementary School Teacher “Unicorns, School, and Me is a fun and magical book with relatable characters… It is a fantastic book for young readers who enjoy the magical aspects of books.” — Valia Maloney, Mom of Two Kids Don’t Wait — Unlock Your Girl's Inner Magic with Fleur and Her Unicorn Friends! Gift your girl the joy of Fleur’s story and inspire her to root for Fleur’s successes and learn from her challenges. Add “Unicorns, School, and Me” to your cart and watch as your child embarks on a journey of friendship, perseverance, and discovering the magic within themselves. Recommended for: first, second, third grade Recommended age: six, seven, eight and nine years old Estimated reading Lexile level: 610L — 800L (Grade 2-3 level)
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