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Date: 03/15/2023
Different from all other theory books, we have discovered that all music ever made or ever will be made, including all theory terms and topics can be distilled down to one Unifying Concept. Understanding of this one...
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Date: 03/14/2023
IT'S NOW OR NEVERYou are about to learn incredible, scientifically-supported, evidence-based truths about one of the most powerful elements known to man. Did you know that silver can treat virtually all common ailments, from eradicating the common...
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The Mind Detective by Shirley Yanez

Date: 03/10/2023
The extraordinarily open and honest tale of self-realization when reaching rock bottom.The Mind Detective is a compassionate but forceful single minded unwavering pulse, a bit like a flee in your ear pushing you to face your...

EPICURUS and THE PLEASANT LIFE by Haris Dimitriadis

Date: 02/20/2023
“Epicurus and The Pleasant Life " by Haris Dimitriadis is one of those books that can literally change your life. I thought Mr. Dimitriadis did a remarkable job in bringing Epicurus's ideas to a modern...
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Date: 02/16/2023
The teenage years are crucial for making friends, discovering your place in the world, and giving your natural talents and skills the attention and space that lets them thrive.Social anxiety makes it harder to connect...
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Date: 02/14/2023
How often do you beat yourself up, telling yourself that you're not enough? Give yourself a break, stop the constant self-criticism, and embrace the power of self-compassion.Picture waking up each day feeling kind and understanding...
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Date: 02/07/2023
If you want to conquer difficult situations, build a strong mindset, and build self discipline like a pro, keep reading... Do you feel overwhelmed by the struggles of growing up and navigating the challenges of adolescence? Do...
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Date: 02/01/2023
This book teaches you step-by step how to create a rewarding & profitable publishing businessin the exploding self-improvement market, regardless of your writing skills.Learn everything you need to know to generate consistent monthly income -from...
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Date: 01/26/2023
Are you drowning in motherhood? Frazzled? Frantic? Barely surviving? Does "thriving" sound like a foreign concept from another planet? If so, I feel you. I've been there, too.I got married young; I was eighteen. I had...
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Date: 01/18/2023
Despite all the progress in our world-from advancing human rights to life-saving technology, there is a wound that has spread to every corner of society. It affects individuals, families, businesses, and communities.In fact, evidence shows...
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