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Alphabet Dragons by Samuel DenHartog

Embark on an enchanting journey through the magical world of dragons, each one uniquely named after a letter of the alphabet. From adventurous Amelia, the apple eater, to zealous Zara, who zips through the zoo, these captivating creatures will guide young readers through a realm filled with wonder and adventure. Each dragon has its own special story, teaching children about the diversity of personalities and the power of letters. As pages turn, little ones will not only delight in vibrant illustrations and engaging tales but also expand their vocabulary. Every dragon's tale intertwines fun, education, and a sprinkle of dragon dust, creating perfect bedtime stories for aspiring adventurers. Join this whimsical exploration and meet dragons who dance in the moonlight, forge friendships in the forests, and spread their wings in the vast skies. Perfect for young readers aged 4-7, this book promises to spark imagination and instill a love of reading and learning. Whether read with parents or explored independently, these dragon stories offer endless enjoyment and a magical introduction to the alphabet.
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