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In the heart of New Orleans, the power of music brings a special secret to a group of spirited cats. Down in New Orleans near the river and railroad tracks, a young girl named Eartha took in many kitties to live with her in her shotgun shack. They loved this marvelous place with natural beauty and animals outside, and love, music, and flowers inside. One of the shotgun shack kitties, Bill Bailey, was a cat who loved to wander and meow hello to the people he passed, wishing they could understand him. When he encountered some elder cats, they shared the secret to speaking with humans—the power and language of music. It wasn’t long before Bill Bailey and his shotgun shack kitty krewe were bounding with their brass band instruments in a makeshift parade, singing his namesake song all the way. Families and educators of young children will delight in this story that showcases New Orleans, music, and the importance of community and interconnectedness.
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