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Are you ready to let your preschooler or early grader learn A LOT about bugs? They’ll also master the alphabet while being captivated by stunning photos of the tiny critters. And you, the read-alouder, will also discover numerous fascinating facts about how incredible insects truly are. Linda C. Jensen, with her background in journalism and publishing, has created the book she dreamed of for her knowledge-thirsty preschoolers: Bugs For Kids — The Big ABC Book. Inside, you'll find: 🐜 26 common bugs, from ants to the zebra longwinged butterfly, each representing a letter of the alphabet. 🤓 Kid-relevant facts about family, food, home, and quirky group names. 🤩 Five mind-expanding fun facts for each insect — seriously, these creatures are incredible! 🪲 Names of cool bug body parts. 📸 Over 200 vivid nature photos to captivate kids of all ages. 🔎 108 pages of high-quality content, checked by 26 entomologists. Designed for various ages: Toddlers will enjoy the fascinating photos and learn new terms from the anatomy pages, enhancing their vocabulary. Early readers, with some experience, will appreciate he sentences are concrete, not abstract, with all points being short and clear. The text avoids overly academic or difficult words, though it naturally includes some specific bug terminology. Long-lasting appeal: With 26 chapters and over 100 pages of detailed bug info, vivid pictures, and beautiful design, this book will remain a favorite throughout different stages of childhood. This book will boost your children’s knowledge about bugs, enhance their learning capabilities, and ignite a love for getting even smarter. Click 'buy now' to secure your copy of Bugs For Kids — The Big ABC Book.'' P.S. Did you know a long children's book usually has about 1,000 words? This one has 10,000 words. It's like having 10 story times in one book! P.P.S. Now go buy that book 😄
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