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Basketball. Competitions. Broken Crayons. Thunderstorms. Camping. Have your kids experienced any of these? Do your kids regularly wonder if they are good enough? Would you like to have your kids find their way in life through faith? Then this inspirational story is for you. Join Cayden, his family, friends, teacher, and cousin as they embark on their way to help Cayden and every child reading this book find their way to faith. The many benefits of this book include: Helps children to grow in faith and compassion while relating to their daily life incidents. Focus is on 5 themes - Faith that gets us closer to God, Forgiving Others, Failures are good, Fear no more, Finding your Purpose. It will help children to accept who they are and understand that some things are beyond our control but whatever happens it is for our good. The activities and affirmations in the back help re-enforce the messages within the book. The verses in the book are a great addition to show kids how faith in interwined in our daily lives. Feel free to reach out to author Liz for a FREE classroom guide for this book at
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