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Hackers in New York by Javi Padilla

Imagine if Hogwarts taught hacking instead of spells... ★★★★★ I've been following the saga for a long time, owning every new book that comes out, and I thought it couldn't get any better, but this remake of the first book is artistically stunning. It introduces the story and its characters to younger readers in a way that promotes enjoyable reading. (L&M) ★★★★★ I stumbled upon this book by chance and thought it would be interesting for my son. When he read it, he loved it. So much so that he has read all the books and is waiting for the next one to come out. It mixes mystery with technology and also teaches about the dangers of the internet in a very interesting way for young readers. (Julian Caro) Mara Turing is about to embark on an incredible adventure. A mysterious voice tells her she must go to New York and study programming in the garage of a stranger. Mara will go without a second thought because that voice belongs to her uncle Arnold, who disappeared when she was just five years old. What she doesn't know is that there are two enemies who want to end her: an evil artificial intelligence (Hermes) and its creator (Falko McKinnon). Why do they want to eliminate her? Because she is the niece of the Traitor and could be the chosen one to decipher a secret message that no one else has been able to access. Dive into the journey with Mara and her friends, Noa and Daniel! You will have fun and be introduced to the world of hackers. Hackers in New York is the first episode of the Mara Turing 4Kids series. These are the same novels that have already captivated thousands of children around the world but adapted for readers under 10 years old. Program or Be Programmed Readers of this children's series will understand the importance of handling technology responsibly. Thanks to this adventure, boys and girls will see their curiosity awakened about what happens inside electronic devices. And that's not all: through numerous examples, the importance of developing critical thinking and not being carried away by any technological trend without thinking about what may be behind it is illustrated. This book also highlights the importance of distinguishing between hackers and cybercriminals (or crackers). The former help to build safer networks and devices, while the latter commit crimes that are pursued by the authorities.
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