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Is helping your child manage their anger becoming a struggle? Do they yell or hit when angry? Then Henry’s Big Angry Feelings is the right book for you! We all feel anger, but children often have a more difficult time self-regulating those big emotions. They can act out with bad behavior that has a negative impact on others. Many parents need a helping hand to teach healthy emotional management for big angry feelings! Henry’s Big Angry Feelings has: An Engaging Storyline: This fun, rhyming story follows Henry as he controls his anger with help from animal friends Practical Techniques: Introduces easy-to-follow strategies such as belly breathing, counting to ten, creating boundaries, and re-framing feelings. Colorful Illustrations: Each page is filled with vibrant, cute illustrations that captivate young readers Interactive Elements: Includes bonus activities and follow-up questions for parents to reinforce the techniques I have a class full of rowdy kindergarteners, but they love this story and ask me to read it all the time. The concepts in the book have become a shared vocabulary in my class. It’s been very helpful. -Jen A. "Henry's Big Angry Feelings" is not just a book; it's a valuable tool for helping children understand and cope with emotions in a constructive manner. Perfect for bedtime, classrooms, or a moment when a little guidance is needed. Add "Henry's Big Angry Feelings" to your cart today and start a journey of emotional growth with your child!
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