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READER’S FAVORITE AWARD! Learn about milk cows on a 20th-century family farm. In this interactive children’s book, Holly the Holstein will be your guide as she shares fascinating facts about farm life. Ever wonder how much milk a cow produces each day? Curious about how much a cow eats? Holly has the answers. Family farms differ from modern farms. Holly shares it all in this book about milk cows. Learn about: What cows eat Milk production Dairy products Other farm animals Holly’s Website & weekly e-mails - free coloring sheets, fun farm-themed music, and even enjoy a farmer’s joke. The author's connection to farm life shines through as Holly shares fun farm facts. It will captivate readers as they journey through the farm and interact with Holly. Also available companion coloring book - A, B, Cs Down on the Farm Coloring Book. Don't miss out on this engaging and educational adventure with Holly the Holstein!
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