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Open the door to a world where kindness and gratitude make every day brighter! 🌟 This illustrated book πŸ“š is your child's guide to understanding and embracing these fundamental values in a light and easy-to-understand form. Tailored for preschoolers and primary school students, this book weaves moral virtues into everyday life in a simple, fun way. 🎈 Join Chloe and her friends on a school trip to a farm 🚜, where they learn about kindness and gratitude through real-life choices. This book is packed with colorful, relatable examples that will serve as positive role models for your children. This Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) toolkit is designed to: - 🌍 Introduce concepts of inclusion, diversity, empathy, and compassion. - πŸ™ Break down the mechanics of gratitude, showing its simplicity and effectiveness. - πŸ’– Highlight the importance of sharing and generosity. - πŸ‘« Foster strong friendships and cooperation. Our book also includes engaging interactive elements like a creative session 🎨 and a surprise bonus 🎁, adding layers of learning and fun. Struggling to explain the basics of kindness to your child? Let Chloe and her friends show the way with acts of kindness of various scales. Add this invaluable resource to your cart πŸ›’ and embark on this enlightening adventure with your child!
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