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Luna Lucy and the Planets by Lisa Van Der Wielen

When a girl called Lucy, and her dog Neptune, Make a rocket ship to zoom to the moon. They shoot past the stars with a smile on their face, To discover the planets in outer space. Luna Lucy and the Planets is a fun, educational tale about the planets in our Solar System. This beautifully illustrated book captures a child’s imagination and curiosity about astronomy in a charming bedtime story. This unique book belongs in both the Junior Fiction and Junior Non-Fiction section of the library, as it makes a wonderful teaching and learning resource. Luna Lucy is book one of the Luna Lucy series, a story about how the shape of the moon changes each day, teaching the phases of the moon in both the northern and southern hemisphere. Luna Lucy and the Planets is book two of the series, teaching the planets of the solar system. Download a FREE Luna Lucy and the Planets work booklet from Lisa's website. A useful teaching and learning resource about the Planets and Solar System :
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