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Monster Trucks in Space by Richard Skinner

Buckle up for an interstellar journey with "Monster Trucks In Space"! This vibrant book combines the thrill of monster trucks with the wonders of outer space, in a series of fun, rhyming adventures for kids. Meet the Space Explorers—these aren't your ordinary monster trucks. They're plucky, tough, and ready to rumble through the solar system! From the dusty dunes of Mars to the icy rings of Saturn, each page brings a new celestial playground to life. Kids will marvel at the unique climates and conditions of planets and moons, all while these charismatic trucks perform wondrous feats in the harshest of conditions. "Monster Trucks In Space" offers more than just excitement; it's a gateway to learning. With each planet visited, young readers absorb fascinating cosmic facts paired with playful rhymes and breathtaking illustrations. This book aims not only to entertain but to spark curiosity about the universe, encouraging little ones to imagine the possibilities of exploration and discovery beyond our Earth. Perfect for bedtime stories or classroom reading, this book promises to delight young minds and inspire future astronauts and scientists. So, let your child's imagination orbit around the wonders of our solar system with the most adventurous monster trucks in the universe! "On freezing Uranus, under crushing pressure, Find Oberon, looking for sparkling treasure. An ice-giant planet, turned on its side, With thirteen rings rotating wide. On Jupiter's moon, Io, where volcanoes roar, Find Jobe, the truck, keen to explore. Over seismic terrain, he carefully roams, Studying earthquakes, in their fiery homes. The inner reaches of the Kuiper Belt, Where Neptune's raging winds are felt. Find Triton, battling gales and snow. Beneath the planet’s pale blue glow." Brought to you by BETTER WORDS Publishing:
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