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Nature Explorers by Jill Neimark

Inspire kids to explore STEAM learning in the great outdoors with this practical, fun book for nature lovers aged 6 to 12. Improve critical skills in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math, all while playing and learning in nature. Build, craft, create, play! Inside this 120 page book, you'll find five carefully crafted STEAM sections packed with over 100 activities large and small—plus a sixth bonus section of yoga and nature meditations. Your child will learn how to measure a towering tree, craft a weather station, build a solar oven, decorate a dreamcatcher, create a zoo made entirely of leaf creatures, construct beautiful ice orbs, tell stories, write poems, sketch their surroundings, slackline, meditate, imagine and more. This outdoor STEAM activity guide is like your child’s own personal Forest School. Empower through exploration. Go beyond play to foster problem-solving skills, curiosity, and connection with nature. Move beyond rote learning. Ignite curiosity in young minds through hands-on learning Sharpen academic skills. Sharpen skills through interactive projects that improve classroom learning Learn to nature journal. Record field notes, make sketches and observation Melt away stress. Through guided meditations and yoga poses, children learn to regulate their moods and states. Connect meaningfully with other kids Inspire a lifelong love for STEAM learning Nature Explorers is your child’s gateway to a world of wonder through immersive outdoor activities. Whether it's your backyard, a park, or a real forest, today is the day your kids can start learning STEAM skills while they fall in love with nature for the rest of their life.
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