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The Dog Book for Kids by Alec Haley

The paw-fect book for kids who love dogs! Discover the wonderful world of dogs with The Dog Book for Kids by Alec Haley - the ideal gift for any young dog lover in your life! This entertaining and educational e-book takes children on a fascinating journey through the history, behavior, and care of our beloved canine companions. From dogs' evolution from their wolf ancestors to the incredible variety of breeds we know and love today, The Dog Book for Kids covers it all in an engaging and easy-to-understand way. As they paw through its pages, kids learn how to understand dog body language, discover the reasons behind common dog behaviors, and be inspired by heartwarming stories of famous heroic dogs throughout history. They’ll also learn practical skills for taking care of dogs and keeping them in good health. Kids read this book to: Embark on a fascinating journey from wild wolves to beloved pets, uncovering the incredible 15,000-year history of dog domestication Master the art of understanding doggy talk, from barks and whines to tail wags and ear positions, and discover what they're really trying to tell us Unravel the mysteries behind puzzling dog behaviors, from grass-rolling and tail-chasing to sniffing, digging, and circling Become the ultimate dog care expert, mastering the essentials of keeping our furry friend healthy and happy Take a thrilling tour of over 20 amazing dog breeds from around the world, from the regal Golden Retriever to the ancient Xolo Be inspired by incredible true stories of heroic dogs throughout history, from Balto the life-saving sled dog, to Buddy, the first guide dog in America Amaze friends with mind-blowing dog facts, like which breed lived to be 29.5 years old and why puppies are born deaf Whether they’re dreaming of getting their first puppy, have dogs at home, or simply love learning about animals, The Dog Book for Kids is the perfect addition to any youngster’s bookshelf. With this must-have guide, you can give the gift of knowledge and nurture love and compassion for dogs. Scroll up and order your copy today… Then, watch their eyes light up with joy as they explore all things canine!
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