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The Fear Inside by Michelle Clayton

Have you ever felt fear and wondered why? Fear E. Motion is here to get your attention! Come along as Fear teaches you how to identify fear in your body, to find out if there is danger, and how to find Safe. A thoughtful, engaging how-to story for the littlest readers with the biggest of fears! We all feel fear, but it can be especially challenging for the youngest children to understand what is happening in their body, and how to find safe. Enter Fear E. Motion and his twin brother Safe E. Motion. The twins are cute little creatures with some big wisdom to share. With gentle guidance and concrete activities, children and adults will both benefit. Children will learn to: Define fear and why it happens Learn what fear's purpose is - it is a tool, a messenger, to help us understand when there is danger Identify how fear feels inside their bodies Use suggested nervous system calming techniques to self-regulate Create their own calming techniques to find safe Put fear to sleep Create a step-by-step plan to find safe Understand and accept that all feelings are valid, even the scary ones like fear Adults will benefit from: Having a way to instantly connect to their children to so they can communicate about their feelings together Healing of the inner child (you’ll wish you had this book as a kid!) Activities to create a safe space for your child to communicate with you Providing ways for parents to support their child through fear and finding safe - whether it was the adult or the child with big feelings This gentle introduction to fear and safety is affirming and supportive while teaching valuable nervous system calming techniques. Cuddle up with your little one and learn some new skills to acknowledge fear and find safe! Perfect for toddlers, preschoolers, and children ages 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Ideal for classrooms, daycares, childcare settings, teachers, trusted grown-ups, and loving parents everywhere.
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