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The Worst Team Ever by Mateo Sommer

Would You Like Your Child to Learn Valuable Life Skills through an Engaging Soccer Story? Meet Noah and Daniel, two boys who soon learn that being part of the worst soccer team isn't a setback, but a challenge to overcome. Despite their differences — Noah has a cochlear implant and Daniel's parents are often too busy to pay attention to him — they become best friends. In "The Worst Team Ever," an easy-to-read chapter book, your child will join them on an exciting adventure, learning valuable life skills and the true meaning of friendship. Why This Book Will Provide Unmatched Value for Your Child: Empowering Narrative: Follow Noah, Daniel, and their team as they go from being the worst to a decent soccer team. This inspiring story entertains while teaching your kid to face challenges with resilience and a positive attitude, embracing the growth mindset for sports and life. Captivating Sports Adventures: Dive into the exciting world of youth soccer, where each game and practice bring new challenges and lessons. This story will spark your child's imagination and foster a love for reading through sports adventures. Lessons Beyond the Field: Each chapter presents a new challenge, like building teamwork, cultivating gratitude and positive thinking, or regulating emotions. These lessons will show your kid how to confidently face life’s ups and downs. Deep Emotional Connections: This book shows real-life problems and emotional journeys, helping young readers see their own challenges in the experiences of Noah and Daniel. Special Bonus: Take action today and receive a downloadable audiobook version with your purchase! Perfect for children who enjoy listening to stories or need a little help with independent reading. Children’s Book Reviewers Speak: “Mateo Sommer has crafted a truly heartwarming and engaging read… Young readers will find it easy to form a deep connection with Noah and Daniel, empathizing with their hopes and struggles thanks to some brilliant speech and thought presentation.” — Readers’ Favorite “It is an empowering book of acceptance and perseverance that will have kids feeling like they are the ones the story is about.” — Kaylee Haynes, Elementary School Teacher “With some dedication and hard work, this story shows true friendship and what it takes to make a team work. This book is relatable and not only a great storyline but a great book about life lessons. ” — Haley H., Homeschool Mom of Three Don't Miss Out — Help Your Child Love Reading and Grow Emotionally! Add "The Worst Team Ever" to your cart today and unlock a world of adventure and life lessons for your kid. Let them discover that true champions are defined by their spirit, not by scores.
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