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Two Little Raindrops by Adele Lamothe

Gold Mom’s Choice Award Winner. Two Little Raindrops is a fun rhyming story that introduces the water cycle and helps children to discover the magic of rain. Upon jumping out of a cloud, two quirky raindrops, Splish and Splash, find themselves separated from their family. Together they embark on a lively adventure in search of a way back home. “Wee!” said the friends, as they started to giggle. They swerved and they swam, then they jumped with a jiggle. The words have a poetic beat which makes this book fun to read aloud. With uplifting rhymes and vibrant illustrations, readers are taken along to explore the beauty and power of nature. The water cycle is introduced in a way that is easy to remember, with charming characters who leave a lasting impression. This story will capture the imagination of little ones as they discover the magic of rain. The book also includes a diagram at the end to make it easier to understand the water cycle and a few practical tips to save water. Two Little Raindrops is a great resource for teachers and homeschooling. It is suitable for 3-8 year-olds. Reviews on Two Little Raindrops: “Like water in the story, the words have a lyrical flow and are pleasant to the ear. The A-B rhyming pattern, deliberately chosen, enhances the fun factor for young readers. Tu's illustrations are full of life and an absolute riot. Youngsters are sure to giggle at the hilarious expressions of the main characters”. Ellwyn Autumn, Early Childhood Teacher & children’s book author (5-star review) “Adele Lamothe makes science fun in Two Little Raindrops. This book is an excellent introduction to one of the most vital cycles in nature.” Philip Van Heusen, Readers’ Favorite (5-star review)
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